POV (Points of View)
Curator, Organiser

is conceived by Mat Steel and Sunshine Wong as an ongoing series of events focusing on sound and video art. Different guests are invited each time to curate a programme from their personal network of friends and contacts.

The first show of the series took place in Hong Kong, December 2007. A selection of experimental video work by artists based in and around Sheffield and Berlin was shown.

Video works by:
Mark Fell - Attack on Silence 1
Cédrick Eymenier, Joe Gilmore - Reflexion Bird
Jim Brouwer - Buoy/Parade/Snow/Air
Joe Gilmore, Paul Emery - Clut
Sae Esashi - Hack Mince Müde
Uli Westphal, Kristin Cooper - Coleoptera
Kan Yamamoto - Hollywood
Eva Kietzmann - 8 Observations on Waiting